Organizing events and participating in trade fairs is undoubtedly a good strategy to advertise your brand and to acquire new prospects, with the aim of converting them into loyal customers over time.

The possibility of meeting thousands of potential customers interested in our business in one place and in a short time is very tempting. The problem is that if you don’t start with a good organizational strategy, it’s easy to get lost on the road.

In fact, if on the one hand it seems easy, on the other hand at the end of the games you find yourself taking stock of the situation and many times the expectations are nullified: a lot of money spent, time lost and you remain with a handful of flies in your hand. How to avoid it?

The first rule of all is organization .

The second that comes immediately after but which is certainly not less important is: bet on the WOW factor !

What is the WOW factor ? It’s simple, the word itself tells you: you have to surprise!

When you organize an event or prepare a trade fair stand if you really want to stand out from all your competitors, you will need to be able to find that originality and that distinctive element that, like a magnet, will capture the attention of visitors to your product.

You have to think of your potential customers as so many fish. You have the hook to make them bite but what really makes the difference is the bait. So learn to work on the quality of the latter and start from it to build your “fishing strategy”.

Whatever the event or fair you are organizing, try to keep the following valuable tips in mind:

Develop an action plan before leaving It is clear that nothing should be left to chance, so forget the improvisation during the organizational phase. Make a list of tasks to be done and do it by highlighting priorities and deadlines. If you are in difficulty do not be afraid to delegate to trusted and capable people, better a pair of extra eyes that control rather than pass up something. Put the agreements with suppliers on paper and be meticulous: there is nothing worse than arriving at the day of the event and noticing that something is missing! Carefully plan every last detail and every activity to do on site. Remember that getting prepared is essential for your event to become a success.

Don’t neglect the set-up phase Being present and supervising set-up works is an aspect that should not be underestimated. Not only because in this way you will be able to personally ascertain that everything is proceeding as planned, but also because you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the experts (you never know that during the event you need their help!), To study good surrounding environment, and then many times it is not uncommon to find some CEO or sales manager who, like you, observes the situation: an opportunity not to be missed for networking in a more relaxed moment! And then arriving at least the day before will allow you to be more rested and efficient on the day of the event. So playing ahead is always a good idea!

Show off your sales skills!During the course of the event you must be tenacious and resourceful, there is no time to waste. Identify at least 5 people who count in your sector and do everything to know them, make contacts, build relationships, go to dinner with the most important prospects, leave your mark and be memorable!

To be a good salesman you must also always be alert, you never know where you could meet a new contact, in the elevator, in the hotel lobby, in the bar, every place is good and for this reason make sure you always have with you some promotional gadgets at your fingertips. Be quick to read the names on the badges, in this way you will not waste time with people who do not interest you, and when you present your company go straight to the point, be brief but concise. Don’t forget to take notes, perhaps directly behind the business cards that are delivered to you (this work will be of great help to you in the post-event follow-up phase). And finally, remember to smile!