I usually write new articles, without following a precise editorial plan, but only when my friends and colleagues ask me, this time after yet another friend who asked me:

Lorenzo how do you manage emotions when organizing an event?
I respond with these lines that you are about to read.

We make the point of the historical moment in which I am writing, for those who are “a serial organizer” like me, there are moments like this that find themselves recovering the energies between an appointment and the other and clearly you find yourself immersed in all the changes that this period requires.

To understand where we are, I always divide the organization into 4 phases:

The Conception;
The Design;
Event Management;
These phases are consecutive and if you are organizing something, as you read, try to take stock of the situation, where are you?

1) Being aware of the organizational phases, helps you to be aware of the moment you are going through,
many times, the agitation I see during the organization of an event is born because people do not realize where they are. Or even if they studied it at the Sold Out Club Event , they didn’t take responsibility for the situation.

2) Taking responsibility for what you are experiencing helps you shift the focus from the problem to the solution, if you have the power to take responsibility, you also have the power to find the solution. Now you know where you are in the organizational phase and you can take the most appropriate actions. Let’s take an example:

Six to four months from the organization of an event, suddenly you receive the news that, the location (until the day before confirmed) is no longer now, what do you do? Answer, with A, B, or C

A) Do you start posting on social networks by attacking “a go go” the location that had assured your presence?

B) Are you starting to find out what is the message behind this novelty?

C) Do you begin to call all your collaborators, communicating the news, to warn that there is to find immediately a new location?

The correct answer will not be the one giving it to you, but you will answer yourself, because:

3) Knowing how to manage emotions is impossible,
what is possible is to live 100% one’s emotions, without being prey to them. Such as ? Start trusting your decisions! How do you plan to do it if you always give someone else the responsibility? Remember that before organizing something you have 2 choices: either keep your word or don’t make the commitment to organize. Does this mean, 100% commitment, and if you get a communication on Saturday afternoon at 7.30 pm at aperitif time? The answer is only one:There are!

We continue with the practice of meditation in action, which was much appreciated during the previous article. What does it mean to meditate?

Meditation (from the Latin meditatio, reflection) is, in general, a practice that is used to achieve a greater mastery of the activities of the mind, so that it stops its usual chattering of the background and becomes absolutely quiet, peaceful.